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I just a good ole country girl from SW LA. I am married to a 5th generation rice farmer and we run roughly 600 head of beef cattle. We use QH to work our cattle and occasionally I get to enjoy them leisurely. While I have a full time desk job I am also very active on the farm, doing whatever is asked of me when I'm not spending time raising our daughter. I feel like the Brooks N Dunn song, "I can ride, rope, hammer, and paint"; except, I can't actually rope LOL. I run my own small herd of beefmaster cattle and a small flock of sheep. I use to breed Australian Cattle Dogs and while I have taken a step back from that temporarily I am still a huge advocator for the breed and would will to help anyone out in looking for a good breeder. We currently have a remuda of 11 head of horses; all QHs but not all registered. My mount is a 2014 model Bay from the Gray Ranch, his registered name is DDS Pistol and his call name is Drover; I purchased him off the ranch when he was 8 months old. I just recently acquired a 7 month old stud colt from a whoops breeding sporting a blue roan coat, I have big plans for him! I can talk about horses, dogs, cattle, sheep, trucks, skull cleaning, deer hunting, and most all things country until I can't talk anymore.

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