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About Us

One Voice. Many Breeds. All Disciplines.

The Louisiana Equine Council is a non-profit organization established to provide a unified voice for all Louisiana equestrians regardless of equine breed or discipline. We address industry issues through a variety of committees and promote the Louisiana equine industry as a whole.   We provide education and development in the equine world through LEC sponsored clinics, horse fairs and events around the state.  We offer a variety of ways for equestrians to learn more, get involved,  and have fun with their horses.  The Louisiana Equine Council is a state resource for all things equestrian.

Meet the Team

Though all of our team members have varied professional backgrounds, they all have one thing in common, a passion for horses and the drive to make positive changes for the overall equine industry in our state. With years of experience in horsemanship and professional resume's that can't be surpassed, each individual contributes those skills and knowledge making this an A+ team.  

Our Board Members

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