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Updated: Jun 10

With Strangles presently on the rampage in our neighboring state of Mississippi, it is important to take precautions and try to prevent infection. If traveling with your horse, do not share public water troughs and be very cautious regarding public stalls. In the event a horse does become infected on your farm or ranch, boarding facility or rescue operation, learn how to manage an infectious disease such as Strangles to protect the rest of your herd by visiting the Equine Disease Communication Center.

Isolation/Quarantine | Equine Disease Communication Center (equinediseasecc.org)

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Updated: Jun 4

If you have a current membership with the Louisiana Equine Council, our new website is waiting on you! All current members have been added to our membership database there. All you need to do is create a username and password. From there, set up your profile adding photos or whatever you like. Check out the groups! Join them! Participate! Take a look at our Committees and our Trails Guide! We invite you to become a part of our team! The goal of the Louisiana Equine Council is to unite the Louisiana Equine industry and neighborhood, giving us one POWERFUL, LOUD, voice, and that means YOU! If you own an equine related business and are not yet a member, we also offer affiliate memberships to help you promote

your business in our state. The Affiliate membership is also great for equine clubs and organizations! Let folks know you exist! You can read about the various memberships available on our website. If you are not a current member, it is easy to become one. You can purchase your membership right there on our website. We welcome you!

Come have fun with us! Come get active! Come make a difference! We're waiting on YOU! If you clicked this news article from Facebook, you should be on our new website right now! This is your new LEC home where we always leave the light on.

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Updated: May 11

Senate Bill #392 sponsored by Senator Gerald Boudreaux proposes that St. Landry Parish, Opelousas, will be the Equine Capital of Louisiana. Louisiana Equine Council President, Daniel Lyons, who also serves as a board member on the St. Landry Parish Economic Development Committee, and Louisiana Equine Council board member Ginger Schouest, attended the initial Senate Committee Meeting with Ginger and St Landry parish officials addressing the Senate for this bill weeks ago where it was unanimously approved by the Senate Committee and unanimously approved again today by the House Judiciary Committee. The Bill will now go to a vote of the full house of representatives within the next week(s). From there it will go to the Governor for his signature, signing it in to law. St. Landry Parish is also the home base for the Louisiana Equine Council. We are very thankful for Senator Boudreaux's efforts in recognizing the important role that St. Landry Parish plays in the Equine Industry.

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