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The Louisiana Equine Council 
proudly presents
The Louisiana Equestrians Hall of Fame

 Download and complete these two forms to submit your nomination. Form submission dates will be announced each calendar year.  

Anyone may nominate a candidate for the Louisiana Equine Council Hall of Fame award. A candidate must have had a great and favorable impact on the Louisiana equine industry. Membership in the Louisiana Equine Council Hall of Fame is a means of honoring those whose efforts have been valuable and integral to the Louisiana equine industry while being unselfish in the nature of their actions. This award is not merely to congratulate people for being successful competitors, breeders, etc. 


Nominees will automatically remain on the ballot for further consideration for a total of five (5) consecutive years, if not selected upon initial nomination. It is not necessary to re-nominate during that period; however, it is suggested that updated information be provided (such as updated contact information, additional awards, etc.) After a total of (5) years, the nominee must be resubmitted for consideration.



  • Nominee must have made outstanding and significant contributions to the Louisiana equine industry over a significant period of years as a breeder, educator, competitor, researcher, and/or trainer, etc.

  • The contributions must have been influential to and supportive of the growth of the equine industry.

  • The nominee must be known to practice fair and humane treatment of animals at all times.

  • This award may be given posthumously. 


Selection Process:

  • Nominations for any given year will begin the 1st of August, and can be received through September 30th. 

  • A Nominee Acceptance and Professional History form will be sent to all nominees for completion. 

  • The Nominee Acceptance Form must be received by November 30th for review and consideration. 

  • Submissions should highlight a compilation of achievements, biographical information, related honors, and supporting documentation to illustrate the contributions of the nominee. 

  • The Louisiana Equine Council Awards Committee will meet to review nominations.

  • The Hall of Fame inductee will be announced and honored at the Annual LEC Meeting typically held in January or February. 

  • Inductee should be aware that LEC may use information provided in various media to publicize the award.

  • All materials submitted will be considered permanent donations to the LEC.


Mr. T.B. Porter
the first LEC Hall of Fame Recipient

Mr T.B. Porter was the first Louisiana Equine Council Hall of Fame recipient in November 2021.  Presenting this esteemed award with a plaque is Daniel Lyons, President of LEC. 


Leverne Perry Honored Posthumously

Mr. Leverne Perry received the LEC Hall of Fame Award Posthumously at the 2023 Annual Meeting. Mr. Perry  passed away in 2016 leaving behind 5 daughters, Karen, Julie, Dana, Jill, and Leigh, four of whom accepted the award on his behalf.  

As an accomplished cowboy, he traveled the south and even competed in Madison Square Gardens in New York. Many remember Leverne as host of the children's show "Leverne Perry and the Little Wranglers" which ran from 1960-1966. He had a heart for children, especially those with special needs, He organized the "Horses and Handicaps Program " volunteering many hours to help give joy to others through his love of horses. He also was involved in fund raising for St. Mary's.

He became Executive Director of The Louisiana Quarter Horse Association in 1987. He played an instrumental role in the expansion of gaming at racetracks in the state and leading the development of the strongest quarter horse breed in the nation.


Daniel Lyons Honored

Daniel Lyons was the 2024 LEC Hall of Fame Honoree.


Daniel grew up on a diary farm in Scott/Ossun, LA.  Horses were a vital part of his
childhood.  They were used to provide him the transportation to help out his
grandfather and other relatives to work on their dairy farms.  Daniel participated in
what we now call "play days" growing up. From buddy barrel pickup to boot races, He always had a pony to run.

While attending SCOTT HIGH SCHOOL, he was a member of 4-H and FFA wherein he
achieved numerous accomplishments including the State 4-H Tractor Driving

He earned his BS in Dairy Science from USL in 1969 and has created quite the resume in the Louisiana Equine Industry. In addition to being a founder and leading the Louisiana Equine Council as it's President for 19 years, Daniel was busy doing what he loved with his horses. In the late 80’s and early 90’s his childhood love of horses grew to a working/performance herd of 40 broodmares and 3 stallions. Daniel still keeps a current broodmare band of 5-6 mares.  
One of the most notable accomplishments of the herd was having a colt go on to
become a Little Britches World Champion Pole Bending Horse.

Daniel has been an active member in our community in many ways including his Service to Regional clubs and associations. 
2007–Present Founding Member and President of the Louisiana Equine Council
**** - Present Louisiana Cattlemen’s Association Member and former President
1985 to present St. Landry Cattleman's Association "Here's The Beef" Cook off Chairman
1997 Member of the Louisiana Cattleman’s Association Spur Club.

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