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Horse in Stable

The Louisiana Horse Industry 
Economic Statistics

Statistics from the LSU Dept. of Agriculture, 2007

Bottom Line

According to the LSU Ag Center, approximately 207,350 horses are owned by an estimated 52,368 people in Louisiana. In 2007, the three sectors of the Louisiana horse industry (show/competition, racing and recreation) accounted for $512.9 million in farm gate value (net worth of the animals when they left the farm) and an additional $56.4 million in value-added enterprises. 


The Louisiana horse industry employs approximately 7,500 people as breeders, stable hands or trainers. The majority of horse owners are motivated by reasons other than profit. Expenditures for individuals attending shows or participating in recreational activities, such as trail rides, are estimated to be $250 a day. The average horse costs approximately $4,000 a year to maintain. This figure includes expenditures for feed, tack and veterinary-related expenses.

In Summary

The horse industry is an important economic industry for this state coming in as #3 in the farm gate. 

The Racing Industry

The racing industry contributes approximately $277 million through breeding, racing and training.  In 2007, the four tracks also generated approximately $1 billion in expenditures and employed 3,000 people. This sector of the industry accounts for roughly 10 percent of the horses in the state.

Recreational Use Impact

The show/competitions and recreation sectors account for the majority of horses in Louisiana. Approximately 30 percent of horses in the state are show horses while the remaining 60 percent of horses are used primarily for recreational purposes. The economic impact of the show/competitions and recreational sectors for 2007 was $107.9 and $127.9 million, respectively.

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