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2023 Tri-Parish 4-H Benefit Trail Ride

The 2023 Tri-Parish 4-H Benefit Trail Ride was held on Saturday April 1 at PJF Farm & Lodge at Cazan Lake in Ville Plate, La. Many Master Horsemen graduates were on hand to assist along with several LEC Board Members, including President Daniel Lyons. LEC board members Happy Broussard and Ginger Schouest took part in the trail ride experiencing the beautiful Louisiana lake-land by horse back with it's moss draped trees and waterways.

Participants enjoyed a beautiful spring day, amazing sight seeing opportunities, and nicely manicured trails from flat to very hilly bordering a somewhat steep incline in some areas, and ranging from easy to intermediate + with a few fun obstacles scattered here and there to challenge and stretch horses and riders along the way. Riders also got to view the nests of Snowy Egrets on Cazan Lake up close and personal by horseback. While no alligators "showed" themselves in Cazan Lake that day, Program Coordinator Gigi Bertrand said they definitely call Cazan Lake their home and serve a very important purpose. Gigi went on to explain that because they are there, the nests of the snowy egrets are inadvertently protected from predators such as snakes and raccoons, who would otherwise climb the trees and eat the eggs. The alligators prowling the waters at the base of those trees with the nests are the ultimate defense. Mother Nature always knows best.

Following the ride, participants were treated with a perfectly seasoned sausage Jambalaya and a divine custard-y bread pudding that everybody raved about! The ride benefited the Evangeline, Lafayette, and St. Landry Parish 4-H programs. Approximately 100 people participated and or contributed in some way this Saturday.

PJF Farm & Lodge does have cabins available for rent, kayaks and fishing. Visit their website for more information or to make a reservation.

Author: Ginger Schouest, LEC Board Member & Marketing Chair

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