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Real Time Health/Real Time Alerts

There are so many aspects to the equine industry involving business, working animals, sports, recreation, entertainment, gaming, and environmental support, all built on the agri-business of breeding and raising equines. In addition to economic benefits, horses provide other

intangible benefits to people in the USA, including recreation, exercise, stress reduction, physical and emotional therapeutic benefits, entertainment and according to some studies, horse ownership and activities increase longevity in humans. Most importantly, we LOVE our horses. Having real time health information is important especially in the equine industry because we often travel with our horses and the general nature of horse activities is usually a social one.

For Real Time Equine Health Alerts, or to report a health alert, go to the link below. You can also read about the National Equine Health Plan at the Website.

Author: Ginger Schouest, LEC Board Member & Marketing Chair

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