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In The News...Senate Bill #392

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Senate Bill #392 sponsored by Senator Gerald Boudreaux proposes that St. Landry Parish, Opelousas, will be the Equine Capital of Louisiana. Louisiana Equine Council President, Daniel Lyons, who also serves as a board member on the St. Landry Parish Economic Development Committee, and Louisiana Equine Council board member Ginger Schouest, attended the initial Senate Committee Meeting with Ginger and St Landry parish officials addressing the Senate for this bill weeks ago where it was unanimously approved by the Senate Committee and unanimously approved again today by the House Judiciary Committee. The Bill will now go to a vote of the full house of representatives within the next week(s). From there it will go to the Governor for his signature, signing it in to law. St. Landry Parish is also the home base for the Louisiana Equine Council. We are very thankful for Senator Boudreaux's efforts in recognizing the important role that St. Landry Parish plays in the Equine Industry.

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Rdm Rosalis
Rdm Rosalis

Good news! Fingers crossed.

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