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Winter Barn Rodents - Creating An Alternative Non-Toxic Poison Blend that really works!

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Recently I ran across a farmer on You Tube with a recipe consisting of 50% honey muffin mix and 50% baking soda as an alternative to safely eradicating rodents from our barns and stables. We gave it a try. I can say, with in a few weeks, our problem was resolved. We ran across a few of the deceased rats laying around on the grounds in fact. The wonderful part about this alterative method is that it is non-toxic to other animals including prey animals who might discover the dead mice and rats and make a meal out of them. We placed quite a few of these containers in our barns and stables and around our garden area for cents on the dollar and we used old ice cream tubs. Click the link below for detailed instructions on creating this non-toxic method of rodent control that really does work!

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