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Women's Equestrian Riding Retreats in Louisiana

Last year Louisiana was host to two riding retreats for women. Registrants showed up not only from every corner of our state, but from neighboring states as well. The first riding retreat sold out in a few days and a second riding retreat was quickly scheduled for the following month. I am reminded of the Helen Ready song, "I am Woman Hear Me Roar" due to the loud statement this made regarding a need for more women focused equine events, a segment often

overlooked and underestimated, though some studies put female ownership at about 90% compared to men. The Louisiana Equine Council now has a new female focused committee, "LEC Woman". Robbin Rosalis is the Chairwoman of this group and the Women's Riding Retreats are also her brainchild. You are cordially invited to become a member of LEC and this committee which you can read more about here on our website under "About Us". Two more retreats are scheduled for next year. Be sure to sign up now to reserve your place before they sell out.

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